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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Hawaii Political Platter: Election is on November 6

Campaign Mailers

The mudslinging TV commercials will be over soon. Most if not all of the mailers have been sent out and stuffed into your mailbox days ago. Email spam is and will be delivered by candidates and their supporters up to the very last minute on election day. Facebook and Twitter posts will continue up to and past election day with pontifications, declarations, news, vote counts, critiques and more.

Yes, the 2012 General Election weighs heavily on the nation, the state and most awfully our freedoms and pocketbooks. If the wrong candidates get in we will lose more freedom and more of our personal income.

Vote correctly.

Here is my rough and dirty list of who'd I recommend in this year's election.

President of the United States - The ticket of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is highly recommended if you want to return to an America that is deeply rooted in our tradition, freedom and the United States Constitution. Anyone who watched the debates and especially the movie "2016 Obama's America" will know why.

U.S. Senate - Former Governor Linda Lingle is my choice for U.S. Senate. Even though she let the GE Tax bill for rail sail through without her signature in 2005, when compared to current U.S. Rep. Mazie Hirono, Lingle is by far the more intelligent choice in this race. If you watched any of the TV debates between these 2 women, you'll know why.

U.S. House 1 -  Charles Djou most definitely. A moderate Republican he is definitely the better choice over rail supporter Colleen Hanabusa.

U.S. House 2 - If I voted in this district, I'd definitely go with Kawika Crowley. Washington needs a true fiscal conservative and another voice from Hawaii who is also against rail. His opponent, the highly favored Tulsi Gabbard could someday become a scary player (like Obama) on the national stage. We need to stop this from happening.

State Senate - Quickly in the following districts I'd vote for the all of the following (if I could):

8th - Senator Sam Slom - Continues to vote against every and all tax increases. Opposes rail.

11th - Liz Larson - A new kid on the block, she'd be a welcome addition to the State Senate, except she needs to voice a stronger stance against rail and the related TODs.

23rd - Colleen Meyer - She is a true conservative and I think many Democrats who will never publicly support her, hope she wins this seat. A lot of people would like to get rid of the incumbent, Senate Judicial chairman Clayton Hee.

25th - Senator Fred Hemmings is a moderate Republican but is way better than Laura Thielen.

State House - I'll lump all of these people together because I either know them, or they oppose rail or have demonstrated some capacity to be conservative. All are Republicans - Jeremy Low (18th); Julia Allen (20th); Carole Kaapu (28th); Marissa Capelouto (42nd) and Lauren Cheape (45th).

Mayor of the City & County of Honolulu - Ben Cayetano has vowed to STOP RAIL. That's all that matters in this race.

Honolulu City Council - Vote for anyone opposing rail. That would include Councilmembers Ann Kobayashi (she opposed the steel on steel rail) and Tom Berg. A vote for Sam Aiona will also help. There are too many rail supporters on the city council.

Honolulu City Prosecutor - I did not vote for Keith Kaneshiro. Time for him to retire. I'm willing to give Kevin Takata a chance... hopefully he'll do a good job and putting criminals behind bars.

State Constitutional Amendments - Vote NO on all of them. Let retired judges enjoy their retirement. We also don't need to fund private dam owners to upkeep their dams.

Honolulu City Charter Amendments - Vote NO on all of them. They want to authorize special funds? Not a good idea. The State Legislature frequently raids special funds. What's not to stop the City Council from doing this? Not a good idea especially with rail hanging on our shoulders.... The 2nd one dealing with grants in aid for non-profits? Um... not in these tough economic times.

I already voted absentee.... and actually voted for those candidates that were on my ballot. The others will hopefully gain your support.

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