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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hawaii Political Platter

Hawaii State Senate Opening Day

What's Up For 2013?

Unfortunately several taxes went up with the arrival of the new year. Bad way to start 2013.

The Hawaii State Legislature started on January 16. The Senate has a new Senate President... Donna Mercado Kim. There are 24 Democrats and 1 Republican in the Senate... just like it was in 2011 and 2012. Senator Kim stated in her opening day speech "I hope, first and foremost, that there will be NO new tax burdens thrust upon our citizens..."

At this early juncture one can remain hopeful.

On the other side, the State House of Representatives finally settled their leadership battle. Rep. Joe Souki from Maui emerged as the new speaker. I did not hear his speech, but based on past history I am sure he will be the champion of gambling, traffic cameras and more taxes. Hold on to your wallets!

Across the street at City Hall, a new mayor was put in. That person is former acting Mayor Kirk Caldwell who won the seat in a blistery election battle last fall where the evil forces of rail prevailed. Sad, but it looks like the damn thing will be built after all. Enough said.

The other day, close to 200 gun owners and second amendment supporters showed up for the Guns Across America rally at the State Capitol. The nation's gun rights (2nd Amendment) are at stake this year with the federal and several state governments going after lawful firearms owners.

Top Photo: Senate President Donna Mercado Kim. Below: Opening day at the Hawaii State Senate.

Hawaii State Senate Opening Day

Hawaii State Senate Opening Day

The Hawaii State Senate Chamber, opening day on January 16. Below: Protestors against the PLDC and GMO's were also out in force on opening day.

Protest Rally at the Capitol

Guns Across America Hawaii Rally

Guns Across America Hawaii Rally

Gun owners were out in force on January 19 for a rally to preserve people's second amendment rights. Photos by Mel. More on Flickr.

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